VMware VCA exam experience plus DISCOUNT exam voucher

Today I decided to give the VMware VCA exam a quick try on the datacenter virtualization track.


In case you missed my previous post on the availability on the VMware VCA exam tracks you can read all about how you register here.


Fellow blogger Frank Brix Pedersen has also blogged on VMware VCA exam.


I did not prepare in any way, but remember there is free self-paced elearning available which I would recommend watching.

However  I wanted to see the format of the exam and working as a VMware Certified Instructor I did not expect to have trouble passing.

The exam contains 50 questions and you will have 90 minutes to answer them. If you are not a native english speaker you will recieve 30 minutes extra.


Time was definitely not an issue even though I took extra time to carefully read each question and every answer option.

There were no suprise questions, no trick questions. I did however see lots of questions on naming of various VMware products and why would you want to buy this product.



As promised here is a 50% exam voucher: VMRT9B503121

You can use this voucher while paying for the exam to recieve the exam at 50% discount.

Previously VMware also offered a launch discount of 50%, but this offer has expired:



Please leave a comment if you liked the FREE exam voucher and also feedback after taking the exam would be appreciated! :-)

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